Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Navmii App & G-Fi Makes GPS Navigation for iPod Touch & iPhone 2G a Reality iPod Touch & 1st Gen iPhone Gain Navigational Capabilities Courtesy of PosiMotion GPS Network Router

If you still own a 1st Gen iPhone 2G or you have an iPod Touch and are
looking for GPS navigation capabilities using said device you ll
doubtless know that you can forget it as neither comes with an
integrated GPS receiver but, thanks to PosiMotion's G-Fi external secure
wireless GPs network router, which works with Navmii's navigation app,
GPS functionality is at last a reality for these devices.
Interestingly, whilst serving to bring GPS navigational functionality to
both the iPod Touch and the iPhone 2G (see features below), the
PosiMotionย G-Fi, thanks to utilising WiFi connectivity to communicate
with your device (as opposed to Bluetooth) can also be used to assist
you in finding your car, should you have forgotten quite where you
parked it, and is even billed as being capable of assisting you to keep
in the loop concerning the location of your children or pets thanks to
the extended range offered by WiFi (over Bluetooth).
Aside from the above, and in terms of what the Navmii App itself offers
(the Navmii app will work with latter iPhones without the
PosiMotionย G-Fi external box, of course), here s a rundown of what the
application brings to the table.
Easy-to-use complete satellite navigation for your iPhone iPod Touch
Clear, easy to read maps for all devices (iPhone 2G iPod Touch are
also supported)
Complete Onboard solution – No Monthly fees No Data charges
Option of viewing the map in either 2D, 3D or a safety screen
Fast route calculation and automatic re-routing should you miss a turn
Voice and visual turn-by-turn route guidance
Constantly update information about your journey: Estimated Time of
Arrival (ETA) and distance to destination
Speed limit warnings both on safety screen and map
Day/Night mode
1000 s of POI included
The Navmii App is available as of now via the App Store and will set you
back just shy of $40 whilst the PosiMotionย G-Fi external box (required
to use the Navmii App with the iPod Touch and iPhone 2G), which is also
now available, will set you back some $99 and is up for order here.
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