Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gauntlet Watchphone Unlocked Touchscreen Quad Band Watch Phone: Can be Used with Network of Choice with Your Sim Card

The Gauntlet touch screen watch phone has been unlocked. Up until now
having a watch that is also your phone has been largely confined to the
genre of spy fiction. Now, you can get your hands on one, and with the
help of your existing carriers SIM card, make your bond esque dreams a
The phone features a touch screen that allows you to toggle between it's
many modes. If you want to make a call, go ahead. Listening to MP3's
more your idea of fun? Just click on the music icon. Getting your email
is possible too, just don't expect to open and attachments.
While the watch has no official carrier in most nations, the phone has
recently been unlocked. As long as you can locate the SIM card on your
phone, you can plug it into the watch. It works with the following SIM
card types: 2G and 2.5G.
The phone is Bluetooth headset compatible, which means you won't have to
talk into your watch, unless you want to, of course. It also has a built
in digital camera and calendar program.
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