Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Love Digi Camera With 2.34 LCD Screen Moving Photos That Are Almost Video, For Your Little One

Inspired by the concept of Purikura, a popular type of Japanese photo
booth, which allow people to take decorated photos of themselves, the
Love Digi camera is a very tiny box with a a 2.34-inch LCD screen, that
has been designed to act as a portable version of a photo booth.
The process is very simple. First you take a photo with the camera, then
you get to select your background from one of about 40 choices and then
you add one of the 30 frames — which if you're a math freak it's
more than 2000 possible base permutations. Finally, you can choose to
add any of the 120 different digital stamps onto your image.
Despite being a toy, the Love Digi Camera sports some solid specs if
we're to consider the 1GB of built-in storage space and the Micro SD
card slot for expansion. Also, it boasts a 480ร—234 resoltuion, a
battery life of 2.5 hours. Not bad at all when you consider that this is
meant for children to mess around with their friends.
Created by designer and toymaker Takara Tomy, the Love Digi Camera will
save your images as a .gif file so that you can easily upload either on
an Apple or a Windows based computer with little trouble.
The device is available in both hot pink and a pastel blue, so if you
want to make your 8 year old scream with joy this Christmas, you'll need
a plane ticket to Japan and an additional $168 to pay for it. Worth it?
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