Saturday, 27 February 2010

Kivu G-Five KTNO2 Netbook Unveiled G-Five KTNO2 Ultraportable Surprises With Aircraft Inspired Design

Those who got themselves a netbook for better commuting already know
that more storage space, higher resolution displays, faster processors,
increased battery life or a better keyboard for your bulky fingers are
things that make them worthy. Well, it looks like Shenzen-based Kivu
Technlogies think that the design of a netbook is a key factor, hence
why their new Kivu G-Five KTNO2 Ultraportable emphasizes on looks.
Inspired by an aircraft's wing, the new Kivu G-Five KTNO2 netbook comes
with a sophisticated stealthy design with a stainless steel chassis. The
portable computer manages to take the eye with a titanium hue and an
aerodynamically shape that helps reduces air pressure, meaning that you
can effectively browse your Facebook account with extreme precision
while sky-diving.
Specs wise, the G-Five KTNO2 netbook doesn't keep away from the ordinary
10.2-inch LCD, Intel Atom 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, Bluetooth connectivity and a
webcam, but we're afraid this little piece of technology is going to
cost us dearly.
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