Monday, 1 February 2010

Google Chrome OS Available Next Week? Google Chrome OS Google Chrome Beta for Mac Rumored to be Arrive Soon

It s no secret anymore that Google intends to become a major player in
computer OS business too. And Google is already working on an operating
system which was said to be ready by next year. Recent rumors suggest
that the Chrome OS is going to arrive a lot sooner than we think. In
fact the new OS is apparently going to be available for download in
about a week which sounds pretty interesting to say the least.
While it was fairly easy for Google to enter the mobile business with
its Android OS and establish a name for itself in this domain too,
conquering the computer business seems a lot harder. Microsoft and Apple
are dominating that environment and they will surely not want to let
anyone else cash in on our computer needs. Microsoft in particular
should feel threatened by Google s OS but the Redmond giant will surely
not lose the impressive market share it currently owns especially with
its new Windows 7 out in the open.
Don t expect computer manufacturers to embrace Chrome OS all of a
sudden! The first machines capable of running it are probably going to
be netbooks and nettops, and it will take a while until Chrome OS
becomes compatible with most computers out there. Google is working
with Acer, Adobe, Asus, Freescale, Hewlet-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm,
Texas Instruments and Toshiba for now but probably more manufacturers
will join once Chrome OS will prove itself.
Since we re talking about Google Chrome OS we also have to tell you that
a beta version of Google Chrome for Mac is rumored to be made available
in the following weeks. The beta is expected to arrive in early December
although Google will not comment on any actual dates.
In any case, the following weeks might bring us two important products
from Google, the Chrome OS and the Google Chrome beta for Mac. While the
OS is not something we desperately crave, the Chrome browser is
something various Mac users are thrilled about trying on their computers.
What do you say? Would you switch from Windows 7 to Chrome OS?
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