Monday, 1 February 2010

Command Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight Set for 2010 Release Electronic Arts Makes Official New Command Conquer Episode

Electronic Arts has officially announced a new title in the Command
Conquer Tiberian series. Tiberian Twilight will be available next year
and I bet that RTS lovers are already waiting for it. The Command
Conquer strategy games are definitely a turning point into the way we
currently look at RTS games.
Tiberian Twilight will be available in stores starting with March 16 in
the U.S. while European RTS players will get it on March 19. You also
have the option of pre-ordering it right now. Those of you that will
choose to pre-order it will be granted early access to the upcoming beta
trial, the official soundtrack and the exclusive prequel bonus mission.
The fourth game of the Tiberian saga will bring the action ten years
after the final events of Kane s Wrath and it s supposed to be a direct
sequel to Tiberian Sun. The game is supposed to offer you a totally new
gaming experience filled with the action-packed missions you ve grown to
love. Tiberian Twilight also proposes new multiplayer modes in which you
ll be able to fight epic battles with your friends. Co-op modes and an
all-new 5v5 objective-based multiplayer mode will certainly be some nice
alternatives to single play. The opposing forces are still the Global
Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod so what will you choose
this time?
The game costs $49.99 if you pre-order it right now and it will ship to
your door on March 30, 2010. And naturally you ll receive all the perks
I was talking about before. If your budget can t handle the pre-order
yet then you should better look for Santa right now! I hear he deals
with this sort of problems especially now.
What do you say folks? Are you already waiting for some new Tiberian
wars or would you rather play one of those MMORPG games which seem to be
more and more popular nowadays? In any case, Command Conquer 4
Tiberian Twilight is still four months away so you ll have plenty of
time to try other titles while waiting for it.
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