Wednesday, 3 February 2010

FedEx Unveils Senseaware Drop-In Package Sensor Senseaware Monitors Your FedEx Package Sends Online Updates Your Way

Do you trust your delivery guy with your sensible packages? I know I
always wonder if the stuff I send or I am about to receive will travel
safely and I d definitely try one of those drop-in sensors that FedEx
has announced. The Senseaware is a cool gadget which will be able to
deliver constant online updates related to the package you have sent or
are about to receive.
So how does Senseaware works? The device comes with specific sensors
that can figure out for you the temperature or the exact location of the
package. It will also tell you whether the package has been opened,
exposed to light or dropped. The accelerometer is something I d
certainly appreciate as it will be able to tell me if the package has
been damaged in any way by unwanted drops during transition.
The Senseaware is about the size of a BlackBerry and comes with
temperature and light meters, accelerometer, GPS and a cellular antenna.
That s how the device communicates with the web interface in order to
deliver accurate information about the progress of the package in question.
Sure since we re talking about a new technology that s about to be made
available, you can expect bigger prices at first. The Senseaware costs
$120 a month right now but the price is expected to go down as FedEx
sells more and more sensors. The current price will be out of reach for
regular customers that don t send and receive that many packages. But
companies that ship lots of products will start buying those devices in
order to closely monitor the integrity of the shipped goods. The more
sensitive the contents of those packages, the more interested will
customers be in acquiring such a gadget.
The official trial of this Senseaware technology is expected to take
place in Spring 2010 and if everything goes well we might see FedEx roll
out the product worldwide very soon after the trial runs. In the mean
time the competition should start working on similar products, wouldn t
you agree?
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