Thursday, 25 February 2010

Apple Surpasses Nokia in Profits Cell Phone Revolution Coming to the Mobile Business?

Nokia might be the number one cell phone maker in the world but that
doesn t mean that the Finnish company is also raking in all the profits.
In fact Nokia s report for the last financial quarter wasn t all that
thrilling for the company. On top of that Apple, which is a rather new
name in the mobile business, has cashed in on its iPhones again. Only
this time Apple has managed to surpass Nokia in profits which is not
something that easy to do.
Are we witnessing a cell phone revolution? Will we see Apple and other
manufacturers surpass the giants? Nokia, Samsung and LG all have a more
than decent marketshare and lots of dependable handsets. But it s makers
like Apple and RIM that bring something else to consumers and are able
to set new trends in the business. Apple in particular has been involved
in the mobile business for less than three years and it s already
turning in a nice profit every quarter.
Apple s profit for the third quarter of the year is estimated to be at
around $1.6 billion. That s after selling 7.4 million iPhones which
generated $4.5 billion in sales. Nokia turned in only a profit of $1.1
billion but the Finnish company had to sell 108.5 million handsets that
generated $10.36 billion in sales to achieve that goal.
Apple is estimated to sell another 8 million iPhones this quarter with
lots more to follow next year. What s Nokia going to do about it? The
N900 is now out but that doesn t guarantee a similar success. The Maemo
device looks good so far and it will be available in various markets
these days. Despite the fact I want to see Nokia successful at fighting
against the iPhone, I don t think the N900 is a good enough weapon for
such a war.
Maybe Nokia should be inspired by Samsung and focus more on its mobile
platforms. We re not saying that Nokia should launch a new OS like
Samsung s bada but Symbian definitely needs a new look and new
functionalities in order to be able to counter the effects Android and
iPhone OS have on the masses.
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