Sunday, 31 January 2010

Windows 7 Won't Support ARM Processors Anytime Soon Microsoft Still Plays Ball with Intel, Forgets About ARM CPUs

Although many manufacturers are expected to release ARM-based smartbooks
next year, it looks like Microsoft doesn't care and won't bring ARM
processor support for their latest OS, the new Windows 7. More to it,
through the company's corporate VP for Windows Platform Strategy,
Microsoft has announced today that they're going to continue their close
cooperation with Intel and that manufacturers should shift their
attention to Windows CE which supports ARM.
And although some market watchers think that vendors of netbooks may
consider adopting less expensive operating systems, the market response
has shown that an increasing number of netbook users are willing to pay
more for using Windows 7, Nash said in an interview with Digitimes, today.
What's interesting is that ARM processors are already used extensively
in consumer electronics, and that includes PDAs, mobile phones, digital
media, music players, and many more other, but still not getting any
Microsoft love right now, which could be because the company is more
focused on desktop computers, laptops and netbooks as their main market.
Looks like smartbooks are now supposedly going to run either Android or
maybe some other Linux-based OS. Which is not that bad!
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