Sunday, 31 January 2010

Samsung Bada Smartphone Coming in December? Samsung to Unveil bada Open Mobile Platform Soon

Just when we thought we have plenty of mobile platforms out there
capable of bringing to life some of the hottest smartphones in town,
Samsung drops the bomb on us. Called bada, which means ocean in Korean,
the new mobile OS is going to be unveiled at some point before the
holidays this year.
bada wants to be an open mobile platform that will enable developers to
offer as much content as possible to future Samsung bada smartphone
owners. The name was chosen in order to �convey the limitless variety
of potential applications which can be created using the new platform. �
bada is said to be one of the most developer-friendly OS available so
far which is maybe too much to say about a platform that s not actually
available yet. According to Samsung, two of the most important features
of bada will be the �ground-breaking User Interface � and the future
bada applications using web services.
Starting today there s an official website available for the new
product. will offer lots of information on bada so that s
the place developers will want to go if they re interested in updates,
product launches and related news.
Samsung wants to make bada available by the end of the year and we
definitely hope that a Smartphone running bada will be presented at the
same time. A bada event will be hosted in London in December and the
software development kit will be unveiled next month.
So are you excited about bada already? Considering that Samsung launches
lots of dependable phones and smartphones each year, maybe a new OS like
bada is exactly what the company needs. It will be interesting to see if
bada will replace Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android Samsung handsets
in the following years. Is bada an OS conceived in order to fight
against Android? Will other cell phone makers want to use bada in the
future? We ll certainly watch bada for you as Samsung still is one of
the most important players in the mobile business.
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