Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nokia N900 Starts Shipping Nokia N900 to be Available in the USA, Europe and the Middle East

We have been talking about Nokia s latest smartphone / Internet tablet
for a long time now but the device hasn t been made available to
customers yet. In fact Nokia did delay the N900 last month as it
apparently needed a few fixes before being shipped to customers all over
the world.
Today we have good news for you, folks! The Maemo-running Nokia N900 is
ready to ship in various regions of the world. Nokia fans from Europe,
USA and the Middle East will get the device starting today. Olli-Pekka
Kalasvuo, Nokia s CEO said in a speech today that the company has
started the deliveries of the phone so you should be able to purchase
one in the following days.
The phone is definitely something else when looking at Nokia s current
smartphone business. The time of the N96 is long gone and the 5800
XpressMusic, although a touchscreen device, is not a smartphone. The
N97, although very impressive in specs, hasn t been able to conquer the
world so Nokia is still looking for a phone that s capable of fighting
against the competition.
And the competition has some really hot phone available, especially at
this time of year. Apple s iPhone, Palm s Pre, RIM s BlackBerry Storm2
and Bold2, HTC s Hero and HD2, Motorola s Droid, Samsung s Omnia II or
Sony Ericsson s Xperia X10 are some of the best smartphones out there.
Some of them are already on sale, making a lot of cash for their
manufacturers and various carriers while Nokia can t truly say it has a
phone ready to stand a chance in front of those. The N900 might just be
a phone capable of bringing Nokia closer to the top of the mobile business.
Don t get me wrong, Nokia is still the master of the known universe when
it comes to worldwide mobile market share. But that doesn t mean that it
also rules the smartphone business. Apple and RIM are the companies to
beat when it comes to smartphones and Google s Android OS is also
growing very fast.
So what do you say? Are you willing to give the N900 a try and disregard
the Droid or the iPhone for a change?
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