Sunday, 31 January 2010

BlackBerry to Bring 3D Gaming to the Masses RIM & Adobe Partnership Brings 3D Support for BlackBerry Smartphones

If you thought that email, IM, 3G connections, GPS navigation and all
those hundreds of thousands applications for your smartphone where far
enough , you haven't seen them all, as Research in Motion has announced
today at the BlackBerry Developers Conference that they'll start to
offer 3D support for their smartphone.
In other words, those running a new JavaSDK with BlackBerry OS 5.0 are
able to use the OpenGL ES graphics which means green light to gaming and
or other 3D apps — a platform used by many of the world's
high-power smartphones for delivering killer games.
Other than bringing a smile to the faces of those who were looking for
some action on their smartphones while on the subway, RIM also announced
today that they'll offer better support for developers, will allow them
to easily integrate paid ads into the apps they build and to take
micropayments (the BlackBerry Payment Service has been announced for
mid-2010 availability).
On top of that, there's a new plugin for the Eclipse development
environment that brings a GUI builder that streamlines making interfaces.
Available in beta at the time you read this, the new SDK is expected to
become available, starting today.
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