Wednesday, 27 January 2010

blacksn0w iPhone 3.1.2 Unlock Tool Released Today blacksn0w Unlocking for iPhone 3G and 3GS

Unlocking your late-version iPhone 3G or the new iPhone 3GS is now a
dead-simple process as GeoHot, creator of the famous blackra1n and
purplera1n jailbreak tool, has announced that his blacksn0w unlocking
tool is now live. One day ahead of its promised schedule, the blacksn0w
software will turn your smartphone into a carrier-unlocked device that
you can use on any network, no matter where you bought it from.
Other than freeing your iPhone from tyranny, the new blacksn0w unlocking
tool is, according to its developer George Hotz, faster by at least 15
seconds. However, the biggest drawback is that Apple can permanently
patch the blacksn0w exploit in their next firmware update.
Of course you're still able to download Cydia's On File system if
Apple blocks more exploits — mainly that means that running On
File allows you to downgrade if anything bad happens in the future.
The new blacksn0w iPhone 3.1.2 unlock tool is definitely an easy
jailbreak and unlock, that has had a great success up until now. Let us
know how you did with it!
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