Thursday, 28 January 2010

Best Buy to Offer On-Demand Entertainment Services Best Buy CinemaNow to Offer Content to Connected Devices in 2010

How important are on-demand services for your? Would you buy a certain
product for your home theater only if said product will come with
support for on-demand entertainment? Well starting today Best Buy has
something totally new for you. The giant electronics retailer has inked
a deal with Sonic Solutions which will bring a new on-demand movie and
entertainment service to Best Buy customers.
The new service is powered by Sonic s Roxio CinemaNow, a service that
you might be already familiar with already. The Roxio CinemaNow
technology will be available on various devices sold by your local Best
Buy store. These include connected TVs, PMPs, PCs, Blu-ray players,
set-top boxes and even mobile phones.
Once the on-demand service is in place Best Buy customers will be able
to buy or rent movies and TV shows straight from their home or while
they re on the go. What s even better is that some of the new titles
will be available on the very same day the official DVDs are launched.
That means you won t have to go to the mall searching your favorite
movies anymore since your TV will already be able to offer them to you.
Are you excited about all that? It gets even better! Once you buy a DVD
then you will be able to play it on any connected device in your home
without having to worry for any extra taxes. We have no pricing details
at this point as the on-demand offer won t be available immediately. The
new service will only be launched at some point early next year so get
ready to invade your local Best Buy store in order to find out more
details about how it will actually work.
Just in case you re not particularly fond of CinemaNow then you should
know that Best Buy also has various deals with Netflix, TiVo and Napster
planned for next year. You ll definitely have access to various
on-demand services in 2010 and all you need to do is get some of your
connected devices from Best Buy.
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