Friday, 6 November 2009

Wacom Updates Bamboo Mac Tablet Line with Bamboo Touch, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Pen and Touch 5 New Consumer Tablets, Brings With It Integrated Multi-Touch Functionality

For those of you that are really into the whole graphic design thing,
you ve probably been working with digital pens and tablets for years
now. Where tablet and pen technology is still a relative newcomer is
within the home and general consumer market. Most computer users are
more comfortable using a mouse for their digital photo manipulation and
until very recently digital tablets have been out of reach of the
average consumer price-wise. Not only that, but you were pretty much
stuck having to use a stylus as your input device rather than your own
digits. All that s about to change with the latest product updates from
the tablet-makers at Wacom. Their new Bamboo consumer tablets have been
updated with five new products that now include multi-touch technology.
Wacom has just announced that they are expanding their Mac-targeted
Bamboo line of consumer tablets with the addition of five new products
all of which now sport multi-touch, finger-based input. The five new
Bamboo products include a touch-only, pen-only, and three versions of
the pen and multi-touch combo. The new Bamboo family consists of three
core products: Bamboo Touch, Bamboo Pen, and Bamboo Pen and Touch. Two
additional tablets, the Bamboo Craft and Bamboo Fun round out the new
additions. The new multi-touch gestures include zoom, scroll, pan,
rotate, and forwards/backwards, and all but the Pen-only model will
feature ExpressKeys.
The Bamboo Touch is the most basic model and is marketed to those users
that just want an additional input device or want to replace their mouse
completely. The Bamboo Pen is a pen-only pressure-sensitive device with
two programmable side buttons that ships with Corel Painter Essentials
4.0. The combo pack Bamboo Pen and Touch combines the benefits of both
the multi-touch pad interface and pressure sensitive pen input device.
The Bamboo Pen and Touch ships with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 and
Color Efex Pro 3.0.
Bamboo Craft, which comes with both the pen and tablet, is for the
crafty home user that might just happen to be into scrapbooking and the
like. It comes with a ton of goodies including Adobe Photoshop Elements,
Corel Painter Essentials, Color Efex Pro, as well as 26 digital
scrapbooking lessons from designer Jane Conner-Ziser (Now who wouldn't
want that?), and a free scrapbooking album from Shutterfly. The Bamboo
Fun ups the ante with a larger tablet and also comes with Adobe
Photoshop Elements, Corel Painter Essentials, and Color Efex Pro.
All Bamboo tablets plug into your Mac via the attached USB cable and are
compatible with Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6. The Bamboo Touch ($69),
Bamboo Pen ($69), Bamboo Pen and Touch ($99), Bamboo Craft ($129) and
Bamboo Fun ($199) are available for sale now wherever Mac peripherals
are sold. For more info and to purchase your own Bamboo tablet you can
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