Monday, 2 November 2009

Bookeen Cybook Opus e-Reader Released Pocket Sized e-Reader with 5โ€ 200DPI ePaper Display & Accelerometer

If you were wondering quite whether Bookeen s Cybook Opus e-Reader would
ever see the light of day then wonder no more as its Cybook Opus
e-Reader, which sports a 5 600 x 800 resolution ePaper display
(equating to 200DPI), has just been released.
Setting itself against the likes of Amazon s mighty Kindle, whilst the
Bookeen Cybook Opus e-Reader certainly wins us over in terms of its
curvaceous aesthetics we suspect that its lack of WiFi wireless
connectivity will understandably be seen as somewhat of a disappointment
by many potential purchasers and, frankly, it seems a decidedly curious
omission. Still, lack of WiFi aside, its not unimpressive in terms of
what it brings to the table.

Measuring in at 4.2 x 6 x 0.4 and weighing just 150g inclusive of
battery the Bookeen Cybook Opus e-Reader, which is powered by an
unspecified 400MHz processer, comes with 32MB of internal RAM backed up
by 1GB of flash based storage capacity which, to put matters into
perspective, is billed as being sufficient to store up to 1,000 books in
HTML, PDF, EPUB or TXT file formats (which will certainly be sufficient
for most).

The Cybook Opus comes sans touchscreen, instead offering up nine buttons
for navigational and operational functions, whilst the inclusion of an
accelerometer will facilitates the device switching between landscape
and portrait orientations automatically however whilst the screen, as
initially detailed above, is reasonable in terms of resolution it should
be noted that it comes without backlighting or any form of integrated
screen lighting meaning if you re looking to use the Cybook Opus for a
little night time reading you ll need to provide ancillary illumination
in order to do so.

It s a mixed bag, certainly, but in fairness the Cybook Opus is far from
unimpressive though we do feel that it s rather steep in terms of
pricing considering what s on offer here in coming in at around $353 a
pop. ย Drop the price a little and we d quite possibly be sold.

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