Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lite-On eTAU208 External DVD Burner Ultra-Slim, Portable, 4-Colors, USB Powered

One of the things that we might sacrifice for portability when it comes
to our laptops, and now netbooks, is a built-in CD/DVD reader and
burner. Oftentimes, the make the computer so small that there's simply
no additional room inside into which one can cram such a device. The
solution? That normally takes the shape of some type of external DVD/CD
add-on that can be both clunky and require the use of an additional AC
adapter to power the damn thing. Both of these characteristics have lead
many of us to simply leave them at home. Well, now you can have your DVD
and burn it too with the latest product offering from Lite-On, the
eTAU208 External DVD Burner.

So what makes the eTAU208 external slim DVD burner that impressive,
anyway? Well, for starters it weighs less than a pound (0.7 lb to be
exact). The DVD burner is small enough that it will easily fit into just
about any briefcase or laptop travel bag making it an ideal solution for
all you road warriors out there.

So what about the power source? It takes an AC adapter, right? Wrong.
The Lite-On eTAU208 portable DVD burner is powered directly from the
notebook through the enclosed USB cable. The eTAU208 also comes with the
latest version of LightScribe so you can burn professional-looking
labels right onto the disk without all of those annoying paper labels or
messy permanent markers.

The eTAU208 external slim DVD burner sports writing speeds of 8X for
DVD+R and DVD+RW, 6X for DVD+R DL and DVD-RW, 5X for DVD-RAM and 24X for
CD-R(W). It has read speeds of 8X for DVD-ROM and 24X for CD-ROM. If you
want your own eTAU208 you won't have to wait long. Expected to be
available in late August (which is now, I suppose) they'll come in
black, white, blue and red with an MSRP of $64.99.

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