Monday, 14 September 2009

Vision Research Launches Phantom Miro eX Digital High-Speed Cameras New Phantom Miro eX Series See Light

Vision Research have just announced that their new Phantom Miro eX
series cameras are making it to the market. The new Phantom Miro eX is a
digital high-speed camera that sports a DSLR-like design, but is
actually a compact that sports a custom-designed CMOS sensor and which
is capable of shooting 500 to 1,200 frames per second. More to it, the
new Phantom Micro eX camera offerssuper-fast exposure times that go as
low as two microseconds (1/500,000 second).

The Micro eX high-shooter comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, offers 640
x 480 or 800 x 600 resolutions (for the eX1, eX2 and the eX3, eX4
respectively), includes video frame rates from 500 fps to over 100,000
fps at a reduced resolution) and the ISO settings go up to ISO 1200 for
color or ISO 4800 for monochrome.

With 1 GB, 2GB or 4GB built-in memory depending on the model you buy,
yet with a CompactFlash card for expansion, the new Phantom Miro eX1
model is priced just below $10,000. Or you can always rent it for two
days if you can let go of $750 to test it out.

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