Friday, 11 September 2009

Sound Carrier 300 B Delivers Audio Perfection Double-C Core Transformers, Mundorf Silver Gold Oil Coupling Capacitors, Outrageous Price Tag

I can never get enough of those super outrageous stereo systems priced
out of the reach of almost everyone in the world. They may have amazing
sound quality (although that's debatable and completely subjective) and
unusual materials of construction, I hardly think that paying tens of
thousands of dollars for any stereo system is a reasonable exercise.
Actually, it should qualify one as certifiable. But, that doesn't stop
the fun of writing about systems like the Sound Carrier 300B,
tapestry-lined hardwood case and all.

Audiophiles are a strange group. They are willing to spend ridiculous
amounts of money on anything that will guarantee them the purest form of
musical reproduction known to man. The Sound Carrier 300B is definitely
a stereo system that was designed with this group in mind. The Sound
Carrier 300B is part of the exclusive Aurum series from Tehnicki Centar
Krklec of Croatia that promises to fulfill any audiophile's quest for
auditory perfection. Built on a gold plated copper chassis, this music
system is loaded with high-end components.
The Sound Carrier 300B features transformers built on double C-cores and
Mundorf Silver Gold Oil coupling capacitors. It sports 2W tantalum
Audionote resistors, Cardas speakers and RCA terminals, together with
300 B Western Electric tubes and Mundorf and Audionote wiring. And if
all of that gets you excited, you'd better get out your wallet. The
Sound Carrier 300B will cost you 12,000EUR (about $17,200). You can
enjoy your ubersound on the deck of your $100,000,000 yacht.

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