Friday, 11 September 2009

Sony IPT-DS1 Party-Shot IPT-DS1 Camera Dock Promises Candid Photos via Auto Capture

If you're looking to gain particularly candid photos of friends and
family you'll know how difficult it can be when people are (invariably)
so acutely aware of you lurking with a camera in the background. The
Sony IPT-DS1 Party-Shot, which takes the form of a camera dock, is,
however, set to make gaining those candid shots a whole lot easier
thanks to operating automatically without the need for human
intervention - thus making it easier for those being captured to
genuinely forget that they're in the firing line.
Powered by two AA batteries or via an AC adapter (not bundled), the Sony
IPT-DS1 Party-Shot camera dock, which is capable of panning 360 degrees
and tilting up to 24 degrees, comes with integrated face detection and
will work to capture automatically composed photos of people in its
immediate vicinity for up to a purported 11 hours - though in order to
use it you'll need to own either Sony's DSC-TX1 or DSC-WX1 Cyber-shot
With the Party-shot personal photographer, you no longer have to worry
about taking photos when you are with your family or friends, said
Shigehiko Nakayama, digital imaging accessories product manager at Sony
Electronics. Party-shot captures candid moments that tell natural life
stories and also offers a new style of photography that enriches time
with your family and friends.

The Sony IPT-DS1 Party-Shot camera dock, which, according to Sony's
press release is 'mountable on nearly any tripod' is available as from
today (6th August) and will set you back around $150.

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