Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Polaroid CZA-10011 PoGo Instant Mobile Printer 2x3-in Borderless, Color Images, Zero Ink Printing Technology

One of the major downsides of the digital photography era is the fact
that you have to somehow get the pictures off of the camera. For most,
this means connecting them to your computer and downloading them on to
your hard drive. From there you have to print them out and most users
aren't exactly Ansel Adams when it comes to the processing of
high-quality images. The end result, an often-disappointing rendition.
Remember the Polaroid cameras? Point, shoot, print. The images weren't
the best but at least you got instant print gratification. Tipping their
caps to those by-gone days, Polaroid has announced the release of their
new PoGo Instant Mobile Printer.

The Polaroid CZA-10011 PoGo is a portable digital printer that you
connect directly to your cell phone or digital camera and instant
gratification is the name of the game. It allows you to print out
full-color, 2×3-in borderless pictures in less than a minute. So
where do you put the ink cartridges? There aren't any. The PoGo prints
without ink using ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology from ZINK Imaging.
Now you can completely by-pass your computer using the included
interface cable or integrated Bluetooth and print and share your
pictures just about anywhere.

The entire device is not much bigger than the digital camera into which
it plugs and it weighs in at only 8-oz, so it's high on portability. The
paper that it uses produces water-resistant, smudge-proof, tear-proof,
photos complete with a sticky backing just in case you want to adhere
them to something. You get the PoGo printer, connection cable, AC
adapter, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and 10 sheets of Digital
Instant ZINK Photo Paper to get started. Polaroid claims that you can
get 15 prints from a single battery charge.
You can get your own Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer at for $49.48. It's available in black, red, or pink and an
80-pack of the ZINK photo paper will cost you $19.99.

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