Saturday, 19 September 2009

Orange Toshiba TG01 Release Date Confirmed Orange Gains TG01 UK Exclusivity

Orange have today confirmed that they will exclusively carry the Toshiba
TG01, which is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and
features a 4.1 180 x 800 resolution 256k color touchscreen display, in
the UK and that it'll become available from 10th July.

Already available in France, the Toshiba TG01 - which, incidentally will
be the first phone to become available in the UK that utilises
Qualcomm's new QSD2850 1GHz Snapdragon CPU - is touted as boasting the
'widest high-definition touch-screen available on a mobile' offering
what Orange describe as a 'cinematic viewing experience' and, to that
end, the device will be offered with a pre-loaded clip of the up and
coming GI Joe movie.

In terms of other features, the Orange Toshiba TG01, which runs Orange's
take on Toshiba's Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional based UI, comes with
Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g (no 'n') wireless
connectivity, integrated GPS whilst from a storage perspective it'll
come bundled with an 8GB microSD card which supplements the TG01's 256MB
of internal RAM.
Here's Orange's Official Release:

Orange brings the portable cinematic experience to mobile users in the
UK with the exclusive launch of the Toshiba TG01

Orange to range the Toshiba TG01 exclusively across its own retail
channels in the UK
The TG01 will be available for free on selected pay monthly price plans
from 10th July
The TG01 is the first handset in the UK to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon
1GHz processor
Orange today announced it will be exclusively ranging the Toshiba TG01
in the UK across all its own retail channels in time for the weekend.
Offering the widest high-definition touch-screen available on a mobile,
the TG01 provides users with a cinematic viewing experience on a
handheld device and is testament to Orange UK's focus on ranging
innovative multimedia handsets so consumers can make the most from the
latest shifts in modern technology. It follows the announcement earlier
in the week that Orange will also be launching the world's first
Touchscreen Watch phone in the UK.

A powerful and feature-rich mobile entertainment device, the TG01 offers
uses the largest widescreen handset yet and comes with an exclusive
pre-loaded film trailer for the forthcoming summer blockbuster GI Joe .
What's more, the 4.1 W-VGA screen is the perfect size for watching TV,
videos and looking at pictures in high quality.

The TG01 also bridges the gap between notebook and mobile by featuring
the latest in chipset technology and is the first handset to be sold in
the UK which has a 1GHz processing power, offering fast mobile internet
connectivity for a richer multimedia experience. This also enables users
to make the most out of their phone, whether it be for watching video,
updating social network pages or just browsing the web - just like they
do on their PC.

The handset is the first from Toshiba to be part of Orange's successful
Signature Series and comes with quick links so users can easily get to
grips with the handset's great functionality. Shortcuts to the best of
Orange TV Video (which recommends great video content such as Sky 24/7
Football), Orange Maps (Orange's own sat nav service which utilises the
TG01's inbuilt AGPS), and Orange World (Orange's own mobile internet
portal), come integrated on the device's user interface.

Francois Mathieu, Director of Devices, Orange UK We're really pleased
to have teamed up with Toshiba to bring the TG01 exclusively to the UK.
We believe the TG01 is a prime example of manufacturer innovation, and
is a device that is at the very top of its game which will allow users
to make the most from their mobile experience.

The TG01 is quite simply the next step in cutting edge mobile
technology that will enable us to deliver mobile content for Orange
customers at unprecedented levels of speed and quality. We are delighted
to be partnering with Orange to launch the exciting new TG01 handset
into the UK Market, said Bernard Labaume, VP Business Development
Trade Marketing, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd, Mobile
Communications Division.

The TG01 will be free to customers who take out a 39.15 per month, 24
month price plan. The package includes 1200 any network call minutes,
unlimited texts, Orange Maps as well as inclusive anytime internet
browsing, and is exclusive to Orange in the UK.

The device is already available from Orange in France, and will also be
shortly available from Orange in Switzerland, Romania and Poland.
For further information on the TG01's UK availability, please visit
Orange Shops or

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