Saturday, 19 September 2009

Danna Bananas Mosquito Sound Alarm Clock Greet the Morning With a Pre-Malaria Buzz

The grating sounds produced by most alarm clocks are enough to have you
starting the day with a piercing headache. Whether it's with an annoying
electronic beep or old-fashioned brain-busting bell, being forced out of
your restful REM is no fun for anyone. Maybe the sounds of a rushing
waterfall or cheerful birds are more your thing. Getting the day started
with the sounds of nature just might have you off on the right foot. At
least that's what the folks at Danna Bananas have in mind with their new
Mosquito Sound Alarm Clock.

The Mosquito Sound alarm clock is part of the Animal Sound Alarm Clocks
collection at Danna Bananas. I'm not sure how effective the droning
sound of the pesky little bloodsucker will be for most people, but if
it's enough to get your arm-flailing instincts in order I bet it'll be
enough to get your butt motivated to get out of bed. And if you're one
of those people that incorporate your alarm into your dreams, it might
have visions of bug nets, rainforests, and malaria dancing in your brain.

Quartz Movement
Chrome metal case
Glass window
4 x 4-in (10.2 x 10.2-cm)
3-AA batteries not included
You can check out the Mosquito Sound alarm clock (along with the cow and
rooster models for that rural feel) at For only
$25.95 you too can have an entire barnyard symphony greet you at the
crack of dawn.

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