Sunday, 6 September 2009

Kodak Announces Release of Zi8 Camcorder Pocket 1080p HD Video Recorder with 2.5-in LCD

Ever since the initiation of the slow death of the standard film camera,
Kodak has been doing its best to remain relevant in the technology
marketplace. They have released their own line of inkjet printers,
digital cameras, and related accessories and have continued to launch
several new products a year including their latest, the Kodak Zi8
digital camera and video recorder.

The new Zi8 HD ultra-portable camcorder is a successor to the Zi6 and
the Zx1. The new Zi8 comes with a larger 2.5-in color LCD screen,
built-in face recognition software, image stabilization, and a native
recording resolution of 1080p for full HD goodness. In addition, the
camcorder has a flip-out USB arm that enables you to connect it directly
to your computer without any additional hardware. Some additional
features include;

5 MP 16:9 widescreen HD still pictures
Easy upload to Facebook and YouTube
Compatible with PC and Mac
Record up to 10 hours of HD video with the expandable SD/SDHC card
slot that can hold up to 32 GB
Smart face tracking technology
External microphone jack
In-box HDMI cable
Record from a distance or playback on your TV conveniently with
optional KODAK Pocket Video remote control
The new Kodak Zi8 pocket-sized HD camcorder is expected to hit store
shelves sometime in September. It will be available in blue, red, and
black and will retail for $179.

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