Sunday, 6 September 2009

Belkin 3G Shuffle Headphone Adapter with Remote 3rd Party Headphone Shuffle Compatibility Sorted

Whilst its not strictly true that third party headphones that have not
been specifically designed for use with Apple's Shuffle 3G are wholly
incompatible with the device the fact that the new Shuffle relies solely
on an in-line control system means that should you use headphones not
designed specifically for the device you'll find yourself entirely
removed from the driving seat in terms of control - or at least, that is
until now thanks to Belkin's new 3G Shuffle headphone adapter.

Billed as being 'the fastest and easiest way to add the remote and
navigation controls your iPod requires' Belkin's new Headphone Adapter
for iPod Shuffle is a fairly rudimentary device (its basically an
in-line remote that plugs into the 3G Shuffle into which you plug your
headphones) but it certainly serves to address many user's issues when
wanting to employ there own headphones with the latest iPod Shuffle and
we suspect it'll be warmly welcomed as a result.

There's not a great deal to add as it's a pretty basic (but handy)
device but we can advise that the Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPod
Shuffle is set to release this week in North America with its Asian,
European and Australian availability scheduled for August and that it'll
set you back around $20.

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