Friday, 11 September 2009

iPhone 3GS 8GB Model to Hit the Market 8GB iPhone 3GS Available on Rogers Canada

If we're to believe the rumors, it looks like Apple is ready to roll out
a new iPhone 3Gs 8GB model with Canadian carrier, Rogers. Apparently the
Cupertino-based company has exhausted their iPhone 3G stocks and when
they ship new stuff to Canada it's going to be the iPhone 3GS 8GB model.

Although we got our hands on a bunch of documents in French to confirm
the whole deal, both Apple and Rogers haven't commented so be advised to
take it with a with a pinch of salt rather than being disillusioned. The
only issues we can see in here is related to pricing and availability.
Will Rogers keep the $99 price tag for the 3GS 8GB version or will it
set you off at $150? And if it's $99 we can only imagine how pissed off
customers on Rogers will be to know that they just bought a handset
which gets an upgrade and the same price tag in a little while.

We'll keep you updated when Rogers introduces the new iPhone 3GS 8GB and
if there's a catch to the whole deal.

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