Monday, 14 September 2009

Electrolux EL500 Oxygen Ultra Air Purifier Three-Stage Filtration, Automatic Odor Detection, 99.97% HEPA Filter

Air quality is something most of us take for granted. Yet it's pretty
frightening when you actually stop to think about all of the things that
can make you sick in your immediate atmosphere, especially when you're
indoors. The latest product from Electrolux eradicates odors in your
house while capturing even the tiniest airborne allergens. The new
Oxygen Ultra combines odor-elimination capabilities and quiet operation
into a stylish, consumer-friendly indoor air purifier. Designed with
odor elimination top of mind, Oxygen Ultra with PlasmaWave features
three-stage filtration, an odor sensor that automatically detects odors
and PlasmaWave technology to neutralize viruses, bacteria, chemical
vapors and gasses in the air.

Because odors from pets, smoke, mold and bacteria can often make home
cleaning a challenge, the new Electrolux air purifier automatically
detects and neutralizes odors and airborne allergens, making it easier
to obtain cleaner indoor air. Oxygen Ultra odor-elimination power stems
from its three-stage air filtration. First, a carbon filter reduces
odor, and then a true HEPA filtration system captures 99.97% of dust and
pet dander in the air. Finally, the PlasmaWave technology works to
neutralize viruses, bacteria and odors in the air.

The Electrolux Oxygen Ultra looks good and provides nearly silent
operation. To make cleaning the unit nearly maintenance-free, it offers
an Auto Mode, as well as indicator lights that tell you exactly how the
air purifier is operating, when the filter needs to be changed and at
which of the five speeds it's running. It's Energy Star rated and
AHAM-certified with a clean air delivery rate of 260, which is ideal for
larger rooms.

The Electrolux Oxygen Ultra comes with a one-year supply of carbon
filters for easy odor control and features an easy-carry handle to make
transporting the air purifier from room to room effortless. You can pick
one up for $399.95 at along with a set of
replacement filters that'll run you $89.99.

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