Monday, 14 September 2009

Corsair Launches Flash Voyager GT World's Fastest High-Capacity USB Flash Drive 128Gb, 32MB/sec Read, 25.6MB/sec Write, Water Resistant

Corsair today announced the release of its 128GB Flash Voyager GT USB
Flash Drive. Touted as the world's fastest high-capacity flash drive,
the Flash Voyager GT is based upon a design that employs dual-controller
architecture to achieve SLC-levels of performance using MLC NAND flash

The 128GB Flash Voyager GT is able to achieve read speeds of up to
32MB/sec and write speeds of up to 25.6MB/sec, with the limiting factor
effectively being the speed of the USB 2.0 bus and operating system
overhead. Now, I'm no computer genius here, but is there much of a point
to developing a flash drive that is faster than the USB port into which
it is plugged? Maybe that question is best left for the experts. After
all, they're the ones developing the things, right?

The 128GB Flash Voyager GT also utilizes a durable and water-resistant
rubber housing to protect the drive against accidental damage, and
sports the racing-red 'GT' styling that is a trademark of Corsair's
ultra high-performance products. As we all know, there's nothing that
speaks to your character more than how stylish your USB flash drive is.
OK, maybe your shoes, but USB flash drive styling isn't far behind.

The 128GB Flash Voyager GT is available immediately from Corsair's
authorized distributors and resellers worldwide, and is backed by a
10-Year Limited Warranty. Who needs a 10-year warranty on any
technology? From what I was able to find out, the Flash Voyager GT
retails for nearly $500! The only thing that'll leave you faster than
your money on this deal is your sensibility after having realized that
you just spend $500 on a freakin' USB flash drive.

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