Sunday, 13 September 2009

DynaVox Xpress Handheld Communication Device 5-in Touchscreen Display, 1.5-lbs, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth

When it comes to making state-of-the-art devices for those who have
speech impairments or lack the ability to speak altogether
Pittsburgh-based company DynaVox Mayer-Johnson is clearly the market
leader. Their products can be found in homes and rehabilitation
facilities all over the country. Their newest communication device, the
DynaVox Xpress, combines their industry-leading voice technology with a
few very welcome upgrades like wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The DynaVox Xpress is a handheld communication device that has clearly
taken the technology to another level. While it does weigh in at 1.5
pounds, it features a 5-in touchscreen display with a brightly colored,
easy to use interface. The device is meant to be used mainly as a
communication device, allowing the user to get their point across
Stephen Hawking style. Speaking of freaky robot voices, I wonder if they
manufacturer ever thought about installing celebrity voices into this
thing. I mean, who wouldn't want to sound like Barry White or Sir Ian
McKellen? The DynaVox Xpress is ready to use right out of the box and
comes complete with a pre-loaded set of useful words and phrases.

In addition to the main unit, you also get a set of speakers that will
ensure that your message is heard loud and clear. Other features of the
DynaVox Xpress include a built-in MP3 player, wi-fi as well as Bluetooth
connectivity, a calendar and the ability to download new vocabulary to
expand your library and keep your communication current. There is still
no word yet on availability or pricing, but more information is expected
to hit the streets sometime at the end of the month.

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