Sunday, 13 September 2009

Accordion Expandable Music Cooler AM/FM Radio / MP3 Connectivity, 16-Can Capacity

With summer in full swing our days outdoors are at their peak. Nothing
is better than being able to take your tunes with you for a day on the
beach, well, almost nothing. What could make that even better is to have
16 cans of your favorite beverage along for the ride as well. The
Accordion Expandable Music Cooler helps to keep your drinks cool and
gives you the ability to jam along with your favorite music whenever
you're on the go.

The Accordion Expandable Music Cooler combines an expandable soft side
cooler with an integrated AM/FM radio tuner and MP3 player connection.
Enhance your day outdoors with this unique combination device that
features a zip closure, heavy polyester construction, and three
compartments that can hold up to 16 cans of your beverage of choice. We
can only hope that there is some type of water-resistance built into the
business end of this cooler. Otherwise, your jam session may be
shockingly short-lived.

The Accordion Expandable Music Cooler measures 12×12-in
(30.5×30.5-cm) and when expanded measures 30-in (76.2-cm) in
length. This should give you plenty of room for just about anything that
you might need to take with you to your next outdoor party. There isn't
much mention about the type of speaker or the sound quality, but I would
venture to guess that it isn't great. But even if the speaker calls it
quits you're still left with a fully functional cooler, right? You can
pick up your own Accordion Expandable Music Cooler for $24.99 at

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