Monday, 14 September 2009

Corsair 128GB Flash Voyager GT Thumb-drive Announced Tops the USB 2.0 Speed Capabilities

Corsair have just announced their newest 128GB Flash Voyager GT
thumb-drive and the big thing, is that the device is damn fast. It uses
a revolutionary design that effectively turns it into the world's
fastest 128GB USB flash drive we've ever seen or at least that's what
the company says about it.

The 128GB Flash Voyager GT goes up to 32MB/sec when it reads and up to
25.6MB/sec when it writes. That makes it twice as fast as any other
super-high capacity flash drives, too bad it's limited to the speed of
the USB 2.0 bus and operating system overhead.

On top of being incredible fast — which is why there's a
racing-red GT styling that Corsair adds on their ultra
high-performance products, the 128GB Flash Voyager GT thumb-drive is
covered with a durable, water-resistant rubber housing that protects it
against damage.

Available immediately from authorized distributors and resellers
worldwide, before you go lurking for one you should know that Corsair
have applied a steep $390 price tag to it.

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