Sunday, 4 May 2014

Galaxy NOTE 3 versus 5D Mark III - 4K in a cell phone!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Canon EOS 5D Mark

In this quick camera test I pit the venerable 5D mark III against the latest blockbuster cell phone to hit the market- the Galaxy NOTE 3. In this test the viewer is encouraged to see for themselves which image they like better- that of a $3,500 flagship camera or that of a $750 cell phone camera that shoots 4K video.
This is not a comprehensive test. This is meant to showcase the strength of the Galaxy camera against what should also be a strength of the 5D3.
Test breakdown- this was a basic daylight test comparing the image quality of the two video cameras. The Note 3 was shot in auto mode with the default camera application. The 5D3 was shot in neutral/flat style and treated in post to come as close as possible to the look of the Note footage. The treatment included contrast, saturation, sharpening, some color temp tweaks, and minor exposure tweaks..

The goal of this test is to let the audience decide for themselves the performance of the Note 3 when compared to the 5D3.
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