Sunday, 14 April 2013

Verizon Razzle Release Date & Price Confirmed

Continuing with what s now undoubtedly Verizon s day here at TFTS,
Verizon have now officially confirmed that their take on the PCD
TXT8030, which is known as the Verizon Razzle and which very much falls
into the budget QWERTY phone category, is set to become available from
next week.
Aimed specifically at those on a budget looking for a QWERTY handset,
the Verizon Razzle seems to be intended to cater for the �texting teen
market as, in terms of specifications, there s really not that much to
get overly excited about.

Offering a rather hum-drum 2.2 � display, the Verizon Razzle s most
notable feature is its swivelling lower section which allows users to
twist the QWERTY keyboard around in preference of speakers and music
controls (see below) which really places the Razzle in terms of its
intended market, and, lets be honest here, whilst the idea, on paper at
least, sounds good in principle few of us will actually be driven to
take up the Razzle on that basis alone (and it really doesn t have that
much to offer). Of course, if owning a phone that has the same name as a
porn mag floats your boat, well, you re sorted but, again, that s hardly
a decisive draw, is it?
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