Thursday, 11 April 2013

Verbatim Easy Riser Mice

When I first heard the name of the new line of mice from Verbatim, I
couldn't help but think of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. I'm not sure
if this was unintentional or a deliberate attempt to get the attention
of all of those Baby Boomers that are in the market for ultra-portable,
ergonomically sound computer mice. Either way, I guess it worked,
because here I am chatting them up for you. The Verbatim Easy Riser
mouse portfolio is a trio of travel mice that have been designed with
your wrist comfort in mind. They allow you to adjust the mouse's height
so you don't suffer from CTS after those ultra-long mousing sessions.
Apparently there is a rather sizable market for comfortable mice and
Verbatim intends to capitalize on it.
The new Verbatim Easy Riser products feature three different mice all
dressed up in the same silver and black bodies. The key feature, and the
reason for the product's name, comes from the integrated height
adjustment feature. A nifty little switch lets you set how high you want
the mouse to be from the surface. You get your choice of the Nano
Wireless Mouse, a Bluetooth Wireless Mouse and a USB Retractable Wired
Mouse. Oh yeah, another feature, they're ambidextrous. Each of the mice
features a programmable scroll wheel and an energy-efficient sleep mode
to help save battery life.
The Easy Riser Nano Wireless Mouse is small, just like the name implies,
and it sports 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. Whereas some wireless mice
have a pretty obtrusive dongle, the Easy Riser Nano Wireless has a tiny
receiver that you can leave connected without it getting in your way.
The next in line is the Easy Riser Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. This lets
users get all of the benefits of a wireless mouse without the hassle of
a USB receiver. You do, of course, need a Bluetooth enabled computer.
Finally, you have the Easy Riser USB Retractable Wired Mouse. Not much
to tell you about here. You plug it into your USB port and off you go.
The cord retracts into the mouse when not in use.
Verbatim's new line of Easy Riser height-adjustable mice is expected to
hit store shelves sometime in October. They are compatible with both
Windows and Mac and come complete with a software CD, 2 AA batteries and
a Quick Start Guide. MSRPs are $19.99 for the Retractable version,
$34.99 for the Nano and $39.99 for the Bluetooth. For more information
on Verbatim's complete line of mice, visit

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