Saturday, 13 April 2013

Updated & Cheaper iMac Lineup Set For Release

If we're to believe the analysts, it looks like in the US the financial
crisis is slowly coming to an end and this year's holiday shopping
season is going to prove it. With that in mind and to please their
users, Apple has asked its Cupertino designers to come up with an
updated/upgraded version for their iMacs lineup by featuring not only a
more affordable price but also a thinnerindustrial design overhaul with
a different chassis that mimics the company's new Cinema Displays

Already finished earlier in September, the redesigned iMacs are expected
to add a set of features that were not available to previous models
— with some saying that they're going to come bundled with Blu-ray
drives, although that would mean a higher price to pay. Specs wise, it's
the same all-in-one, dual-core desktop computer, but this time we're
being told that it may cater to the semi-professional audiophiles.

No official word on this, so better take it with a pinch of salt. What's
for sure is that the new iMacs are definitely going to get the eye of
any geek, one way or another.
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