Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Turtle Beach Ear Force W3 Wireless Gaming Headset

Who would argue that gaming is a good thing? Maybe all of the other
people that you have to live with when you are up at two in the morning
fragging it out in Gears of War. There is nothing guaranteed to drive
deep roommate rifts like the pounding bass of a gaming session in the
middle of the night. How about taking other's feelings into
consideration for once in your terribly self-centered life by making use
of some headphones. The latest product introduction from the folks at
Turtle Beach, the Ear Force W3 wireless gaming headset, is definitely
neighbor-friendly and easy on the pocketbook.
The audio engineers at Turtle Beach are well known for their line of
gaming headsets, so their latest product is most certainly not much of a
surprise. So what makes the Ear Force W3 headphones special, anyway? Not
too much, really, but given their solid track record, it's worthy of
mention. The headphones are designed for comfort with a nice wrap-around
design. Rather than over the head, they've gone the around-the-next
route with the W3. I personally find this design more comfortable,
especially since I don't have the hair to cushion the blow of more
traditional models.
Another great feature of the W3 is their wireless connectivity. No
matter what, when it comes to gaming console peripherals you have got to
go wireless whenever you can. The W3 headphones have an AC-powered
transmitter with battery backup that connects to the gaming console with
a unique split connector that leaves your main audio connection intact.
The headphones themselves are battery powered.
Overall, the Turtle Beach Ear Force W3 is a solid product offering. It's
compatible with all of the major gaming consoles (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3,
PS2) and even comes with batteries. You can get your own set for $24.95
(factory refurbished for $18.95) at
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