Thursday, 11 April 2013

[Spam] Predator VX360 Action Camera for Extreme Sports

If you re into extreme sports and you re looking to capture video for
posterity, or just to show off to your mates, you ll need a rugged video
camera that can take a good few knock and that, ideally, is waterproofed
and, to that end, you could opt for such as the previously featured
Oregon Scientific ATC3K Waterproof �Action Cam Video Camera or, if you
have rather more in the why of disposable income, perhaps the Predator
VX360 Action Camera may appeal.
The Predator VX360 Action Camera, which is billed as being �the world's
first fully wearable, waterproof, on-the-fly controllable digital video
system designed specifically for the adventure sports market and which
has been developed by MotionTouch, takes the form of an Eyeball camera
which can be either helmet mounted or worn on the arm (the required
mounting brackets and quick-release neoprene arm band are bundled with
the camera, incidentally) and along with offering shock and impact
resistance additionally boasts waterproofing to depths of up to three
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