Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sony SRS-GD50iP USB 2.1 Speaker Set

When will the madness end? I mean, really, how many iPod docks and
desktop speaker systems does this planet need? If you were to ask this
very same question to the execs at Sony they would respond with one
more . Their latest introduction is yet another iPod/iPhone docking
station speaker system combo, the SRS-GD50iP USB 2.1 Speaker Set, is
probably a worthy contender in the genre and is probably a great
addition to your PC if you happen to have crap speakers or your laptop
if you have the whole port replicator thing going on, but I gotta tell
ya, I am having a bit of a hard time getting all electric on this one.
The announcement from Sony today that they would launch yet another iPod
speaker system was greeting with the sound of one hand clapping. The
SRS-GD50iP is a 2.1-channel USB speaker system with an integrated
iPhone/iPod docking station. The system was styled with the computer
user in mind so don't go thinking you can use this for your home
entertainment system. You can synchronize content on any iPhone or iPod
with iTunes directly through USB transfer with something Sony is calling
the True Dock and the SRS-GD50iP will also charge your device.
It does offer a pretty simple connection via USB and the 60W (40W sub,
10+10W speakers) speakers should privide plenty of sound for most gamers
and other mediaphiles. As an added bonus you get a powered subwoofer and
remote control. The Sony SRS-GD50iP USB 2.1 Speaker Set is compatible
with selected iPod and iPhone models and will be available any day now.
Expect this system to have a price tag of around $200.
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