Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sony NWA840 A-Series Walkman

Never one to be outdone in the electronics arena, Sony has once again
decided to up the ante when it comes to slick-looking portable music
players with their latest introduction, the super-thin A-series Walkman,
the NW-A840. This thing is definitely a looker with its brilliant OLED
touchscreen and shiny colorful package and if they play their cards
right, it just might help them take a bigger bite out of the
Apple-dominated PMP pie.
Did I mention that the new Sony NW-A840 Walkman is slim? It measures in
at an anorexic 7.2-mm and features a 2.8-in WQVGA OLED display to boot.
Not only do you get a killer music player, the latest Walkman device
also sports a TV-out function that can output 720×480 resolution
video. Among the other welcome (and quite impressive) features are a
digital noise canceling function, an S-Master digital amplifier, and an
FM radio.
The drag-and-drop capable NW-A840 supports a myriad of file formats
including MP3, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC, ATRAC, ATRAC AL, PCM/WAV, AVC (H2.64),
MPEG-4 and WMV file formats. And for the first time in a Sony PMP we are
seeing auto-conversion video transfer which should help to make managing
your multimedia a bit less of a task and more of a joy. The NW-A840 is
said to deliver about 29-hrs of music playback at 128kbps and 9-hrs of
video playback at 384kbps MPEG-4.
The Sony NWA840 A-Series Walkman is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB
models and will go on sale in Japan next month for $263, $329, and $439,
respectively. Along with the actual device, which comes in both black
and brown, they've thrown in a set of Sony's premium MDR-EX300SL digital
noise canceling headphones. There's no word yet on when they'll hit
North American store shelves, but given the upcoming holiday season, we
bet it'll be pretty soon.
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