Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Scosche kickBACK n5 iPod Nano 5G Case

Complete with a digital camera and video shooting capability, Apple have launched their new iPod Nano 5G device, yesterday, and with the launch, accessory manufacturers have become extremely creative. Among the first to come out with something, Scosche introduced a nifty polycarbonate shell with rubber edges for better grip.

Dubbed Scosche kickBACK n5, the main feature of the case is a flip-out kickstand for placing the iPod on a table and enjoying videos on its 2.2 inch display.

There are cutouts in place for the new video camera and the microphone, and also holes in the right places for the dock connector and headphones. That means you'll be able to do everything you normally do with your iPod, such as transferring stuff from your PC or Mac without bothering to take off the casing. Then there are  traction nubs  which supposed helps the iPod stay on smooth surfaces without sliding off.

The Scosche kickBACK n5 iPod nano 5G case is available now for $24.99, while the bundle, which comes with a black silicone skin sells for $29.99.

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