Sunday, 14 April 2013

Palm Pre iTunes Sync Fixed by WebOS 1.2.1

By way of a quick heads up, and following on from our posting barely two
weeks ago where it appeared that Palm Pre syncing with iTunes was a
thing of the past (see: iTunes Palm Pre Syncing Update: In Short,
Forget it) along comes the WebOS 1.2.1 update that ll see iTunes –
specifically iTunes 9.0.1 – and the Palm Pre sync once again.
Yes, the WebOS 1.2.1 update isn t just offering an iTunes syncing fix "
there s also a fix for the Exchange mail syncing issues that had been
reported by some users, for example " but the big news is undoubtedly
that iTunes and the Palm Pre will once again sync and, yes, we have to
hand it to Palm considering that the USB Implementers Forum (who Palm
complained to concerning Apple acting to block Pre and iTunes syncing
via their last iTunes update) have made their position on the matter
abundantly clear (see above linked post for details).

Of course Palm are on record as seeing the ability for their Pre and
iTunes to play ball as being a major selling point of the Pre but we re
a little taken aback that Palm have not only once again found a way
through the back door concerning iTunes access but have, in light of
recent developments, seen fit to once again pitch themselves firmly
against Apple s standpoint on the matter.

Our advice to Palm Pre owners is simple " enjoy it whilst it lasts
(because Apple will shut the door again, and next time it ll probably be
for good).
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