Friday, 5 April 2013

Opera Release 10

Where once Microsoft Internet Explorer reigned supreme, the world of web
browsers is certainly opening up. With players like FireFox and Safari
making significant in-roads with less complicated, far less bloated
browsers, it is no surprise that the developers at Opera Software are
vying for their piece of the pie. Their Opera browser has just entered
Release 10 status and its list of improvements is garnering some
impressive press. The new Opera 10 browser promises to increase browsing
speed and enjoyment through its integrated site compression and enhanced
UI. Have we gotten your attention? Then read on.
Opera Software has just announced the introduction of the latest version
of its web browser, Opera 10, and it sure looks like they have come out
swinging. There are three main features in the newest update: a spiffed
up browser interface, enhanced website compression capabilities to help
speed throughput on slower networks, and additional tab functionality.
The coolest feature has to be the site compression function. What this
means is that the browser works behind the scenes to lower the amount of
information that has to be transferred over the network. It's a caching
thing. This means faster load times for the user and less waiting
around. As for the changes to the browser tabs, Opera now gives users
the option of viewing thumbnails of the sites by mousing over the tabs.
You can also have the thumbnails permanently displayed overhead by
pulling down on the tab bar. It's easier to see it in the first image
above than to try and explain it.
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