Monday, 8 April 2013

NOVOTHINK Surge Solar Charger for iPhone3G & iPhone 3GS

Having only just offered you a heads up concerning the Dahon BioLogic
FreeCharge iPhone/iPod charger for bikes we felt obliged to follow up
with another eco-friendly charger in the form of the NOVOTHINK Surge
which utilises solar energy (unlike the dyno hub of your bike as with
the Dahon charger) and which has the distinction of purportedly being
the first solar based iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS charger to gain Apple
Whilst being specifically touted as an iPhone charger the NOVOTHINK
Surge will, as with the aforementioned Dahon charger, work with a range
of electronic gadgetry with the company claiming that the device's
integrated (and prominent) solar panel offering around 30 minuets of
additional 3G talktime, or up to 60 minutes of extra 2G based talktime
(based on the iPhone) in return for just 30 minutes capturing rays.

Not only will the NOVOTHINK Surge serve to charge your iPhone 3G/3GS
but, thanks to the device coming with its own integrated rechargeable
advanced lithium-ion polymer battery cell, its good to know that you can
build up a power reserve that'll be held by the Surge until required so
it's time gathering rays and turning them into green energy will not go
wasted and, to that end, you can expect the Surge to store up to 120% of
the iPhone's own capacity – meaning that you'll gain a full charge
with 20% capacity remaining for, perhaps, topping up your other gadgetry.

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