Thursday, 11 April 2013


I don't know about you, but I am so tired of all those watches out there
with their hands and easy-to-read numbers. I am so over being able to
find out what time it is with just a simple glance. I want to be
challenged. I want to be able to feel like I accomplished something when
someone asks me for the time. The latest watch design from our friends
over at NOOKA is called the ZEM and it certainly won't hold your hand
when it comes to giving you the time of day.
NOOKA appears to be a rather diverse company. They not only sell watches
but it looks like they also make perfume. Hey, who am I to judge? All I
know is that their watch designs are definitely an acquired taste. Their
latest creation, the ZEM, is one of those watches. Apparently, they feel
like we've been coddled for much too long with our watches. The ZEM
doesn't use hands or your typical digital display to provide the time.
It uses a series of dots and slashes to indicate the hour and minutes
Now I really couldn't tell from the images on their website, but it's my
guess that if there is one gray dot that means one o'clock and since
there are 13 graduations on the minute read-out I assume that's one for
every five minutes (including zero, of course). Anyway, at least they've
provided an AM/PM indicator and what looks like a seconds counter. I
think you'll have to buy your own so you can figure it out. Me? I think
I'll just keep using my cell phone.
The ZEM line consist of NOOKA's four most popular faces: Zot, ZenV,
ZenH, and Zoo. Each of the faces comes in both night (black) and silver
and features a weighted case-back. The bands come in black leather and
black or silver high-gauge stainless steel. The NOOKA ZEM is available
for pre-order only at and it'll cost you $375. Expect them
to start shipping sometime in early November.
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