Saturday, 13 April 2013

New Rumors Concerning Apple's Touchscreen Tablet Arise

The battle for the world's most amazing touchscreen tablet is still on.
After last week's Microsoft Courier, a new rumor concerning Apple's
upcoming tablet has just hit the wires and this time with a bunch of
interesting features. Codenamed the iPad, the new device should be
available in three sizes, ranging from a 7-inch model to a 10-inch
capacitive touchscreen display capable of rendering 720p video quality.

Other than its style factor, software wise the new Apple tablet runs on
the iPhone OS.

Given its large screens, the light communication device not only offers
an amazing media and Internet experience, it's also been designed to
tackle the ebook and e-reader niche — which sounds neat, knowing
that it won't compete with netbooks directly.

More to it, one version of the tablet will have built-in 3G, while the
other one will only be content with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Meant to expand the iPhone and iPod touch media concept, the Apple iPad
is apparently expecting Steve Jobs' approval to make it to the
production lines. If that materializes, the Apple tablet could be
officially introduced on or before January 19, 2010, and shipping from
May or June.
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