Monday, 8 April 2013

Nautiz X7 Super Rugged PDA

When you think of rugged personal digital assistants or any mobile
device for that matter, you typically think of a less-than-stellar set
of features wrapped up in some kind of rubberized, shockproof container.
It almost defeats the purpose of having the handheld if you really can't
do whatever it is that you need to do whenever it is that you need to do
it. This is especially true if you are operating in less than friendly
climes. Well, the folks at the Handheld Group are out to change all of
that with their latest introduction, the ultra-rugged Nautiz X7 PDA. Now
you can beat the hell out of your PDA and actually be productive while
doing it.
The Nautiz X7 isn't your ordinary PDA. This thing comes stacked with a
ton of features that are sure to make the most demanding outdoors
technophile weep with joy. An 806 MHz Xscale processor running the
latest Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system with 128 MB of
onboard RAM and 4GB of flash storage powers the Nautiz X7. The 5600 mAh
Li-ion battery will operate up to 12 hours on a single charge, which
should give you plenty of time for all of your covert operations.
Need more? How about integrated SiRF Star III GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 and
802.11b/g WLAN functionality. You also get an integrated 3MP camera with
autofocus and an LED flash so you can get all of those night shots you
are so fond of. And to make sure you are always connected, the Nautiz X7
comes with 3G capability for GSM/UMTS phone and data transmission, an
integrated compass and altimeter, and even a g-sensor/accelerometer that
can measure speed, vibration and rotation. The Nautiz sports a 3.5-in
VGA touchscreen display and choice of numeric or PDA keypad.
Now for the rugged part of the equation: With an IP67 rating, the Nautiz
X7 is impervious to both dust and water, and it can withstand repeated
drops, vibration, and operating temperatures from -22 F to 140 F. It
weighs in at just 17 ounces, and it's compact enough to operate in one
hand. It has also passed the stringent MIL-STD-810G military
specification so you know it's ready for just about anything.
Supposedly, the new Nautiz X7 PDA is available for sale now, but for the
life of me I couldn't track down where to buy one or how much they cost.
In keeping with the military theme of the device I guess they have
decided to keep this information on a need to know basis. For full
specs and additional information head over to
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