Sunday, 7 April 2013

Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote Announced

Logitech have confirmed that they are extending their Harmony range of
universal remotes with the announcement of their new Logitech Harmony
700 remote which dispenses with the touchscreen of previous Harmony's
instead opting for a color LCD display and good old fashioned button
control – resulting in a markedly lower price point than its
touchscreen siblings.
Designed to 'help simplify your home entertainment' the Logitech Harmony
700 is billed as being able to replace up to six remotes thus offering
pretty extensive possible consolidation whilst offering hassle-free
programmability courtesy of Logitech's PC/Mac based software that'll
happily pull any codes that aren't already covered by the Harmony 700
and set the remote to play ball via the device's USB connectivity.
Having said that, thanks to the Harmony 700 offering support for over
500 bands purportedly totalling over 225,0000 devices out of the box the
chances are you're a/V devices are going to be covered.

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