Friday, 12 April 2013

KEF HTB2SE-W Wireless Subwoofer Release & Pricing Confirmed

If you re anything like me you have a pet hate of cables and this is
especially true when you re trying to hook up AV equipment in your front
room as the clutter of wires is hardly appealing but, thanks to KEF and
their new wireless HTB2SE-W Wireless Subwoofer, you can at least remove
one set of wiring from the equation should you be looking to add a new
subwoofer to your home theater set-up.
The result of combining two of their products, namely their HTB2
subwoofer and their Universal Wireless kit, the KEF HTB2SE-W Wireless
Subwoofer is billed as offering CD quality sound (which is sufficient
for most of us) courtesy of a 250 watt Class D amplifier driving a
dynamic 10 � bass driver and a 10 � auxiliary bass radiator with audio
signals being transmitted wirelessly, and freed from interference,
thanks to HFADPCM wireless technology.
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