Friday, 12 April 2013

iRiver Story e-Book Reader Available to Pre-Order

Following up from the heads up we offered you yesterday concerning the
release of the Bookeen Cybook Opus e-Reader, we can now confirm that
iRiver s new e-Book reader, namely the QWERTY keyboard touting iRiver
Story, is now being offered as available to pre-order though,
unfortunately, only in the Asian market.
We say unfortunately but, in actuality, it may not be all that
unfortunate, however, as whilst the iRiver Story is certainly not
undesirable its not all good news as, boast a QWERTY keyboard as it may
just like the aforementioned Cybook Opus the Story comes sans
touchscreen or inbuilt 3G or WiFi connectivity " we can forgive the
former, but the lack of wireless connectivity is something that we
simply cannot gloss over (as much as we d like to).
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