Monday, 8 April 2013

Ion Drum Rocker Rock Band 2 Premium Drum Kit

So you're into Rock Band. You know who you are. You've spent hours
honing your virtual musicianship to the point of pure melodic
perfection. The only thing standing in the way between you and complete
stardom (aside from actual talent) is your equipment. And if you happen
to be the drummer of your Rock Band group you know what I'm talking
about. The stock kit is, how do I put it lightly, a piece of crap. It's
not all that sturdy, the drum heads could wake the dead on their own,
and don't get me started on how many foot pedals I've demolished in the
last couple of years. When is someone going to come out with a Rock Band
drum kit that you can actually beat the hell out of just like the real
thing? Is now soon enough for you? The Ion Drum Rocker is definitely the
Rock Band drum kit you've been dreaming about. They've upped the ante
and dare you to find one better…I mean, aside from an actual drum kit.

Ion is more known for their turntables and real drum kits than its video
game controllers, but hey, how much different can they be? They have
recently decided to enter the controller arena with their Drum Rocker
kit and they aren't messing around. The Drum Rocker is a true premium
Rock Band 2 kit and it has all of the goods where they count. The Ion
Drum Rocker has the standard four pads and foot pedal just like it's
low-cost cousin but this kit also comes complete with two cymbals so you
can ditch the blue and green pads. Playing pads for cymbals was always
lame and you know it.
Not only is the Drum Rocker kit built to last; it also has completely
adjustable components. This means that you can individually manipulate
each of the pads and cymbals to make sure that they are at exactly the
right level to compliment your amazing skills. After all, you wouldn't
want your Dragonforce score to get wrecked because you could hammer out
those triplets in time would you?
The individual pads are velocity sensitive and offer a much quieter
level of performance so you don't wake the neighbors when you and your
buds are playing in headsets. One of the best upgrades made on the Drum
Rocker is the inclusion of a steel-reinforced kick pedal. They have
finally gotten it right with this one. Making something like a drum kick
pedal out of plastic is an exercise in futility and shouldn't have made
it out of the design phase. They were also kind enough to put grippers
on the bottom of the pedal so that you don't spend your time chasing the
pedal around the room during your Eye of the Tiger solo.
Rock Band 2 won't be the same once you add the Iopn Drum Rocker kit but
then again, neither will your wallet. Goodness doesn't come cheap in the
electronics world and the closer you get to the real thing in virtual
instruments the closer you get to bankruptcy. The Ion Drum Rocker will
set you back a shade under $300. You can get more info and some images
to drool over by visiting

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